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Address: 320-500 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto ON M3J  2Z3

Phone: (647) 852-1394

Soft Grids Canada is a holder of Certificate of Authorization from APGO since February 2nd, 2017 (Certificate # 90335)

Responsibility holder(s): Venkata Suresh Kopalle, P.Geo.( APGO # 2690)

Principal Contact: Dr. Venkata Kopalle, P.Geo.

Email: ven@softgridscanada.com

Soft Grids Canada Brochure
Mission: Soft Grids Canada mission is to provide customized GIS and / or professional Geosciences services to meet its clients and partners goals for achieving Total Customer Satisfaction. Further, Soft Grids Canada works to grow its customer base exponentially based on strong fundamentals and ethics for profit. Soft Grids Canada will reasonably participate with organizations involved in bringing a social impact around GTA.

Core Values: Confidentiality of client data and information in a secured environment, meeting client goals to minimize risks, transparent services with strong ethical standards.

Description of the Business: For Environmental, Mineral Exploration and Mining companies in and around Toronto, that cannot afford seasonal specialized staff for short term projects, SOFT GRIDS CANADA is the geoscience facility that assists in the preparation of maps, cross-sections, borehole log reports and related geoscience documents keeping client confidentiality.

Products/Services: Soft Grids Canada  caters custom made GIS products for its mineral exploration / mining and environmental client base. It also caters services for other related geosciences documents such as graphs, tables etc meant for NI 43 101 and hydrogeological reports. Soft Grids Canada would work as a handy company for such high end geoscientists and for individual companies that cannot afford to have permanent specialized staff for short term projects.Please view http://www.softgridscanada.com/services/ for some of the document support services offered by Soft Grids Canada.

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