Ground Water Investigations – Support Services



Soft Grids Canada provides digital professional services and will be a handy company for environmental companies and independent consultants for building their hydro geological reports. We relieve you by taking away 75% to 80% of your time and labor involved in making appendix for the charts, figures, tables, calculations that go into your hydro geological reports. This type of service would give companies and individuals an opportunity to take up more projects. For details, you may download a copy of the services that we provide  .

Some of the digital services for hydro geological reports that we offer will be

  1.  FIGURES/CHARTS                      GroundWaterInvestigationsMaps
  2. TABULAR DATA                            GroundWaterInvestigationsTables
  3. DRILL LOGGING REPORTS        GroundWaterInvestigationsDrillLogReport


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